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5 Tips To Consider When You Visit Your Barbershop

When it comes to maximizing your next haircut, are you on your best barbershop behavior? Mind your manners with these etiquette rules for the modern man about how to appropriately behave at the barbershop.


Any barber worth his/her salt is likely a busy barber – and the best barbershops in Toronto don’t rush haircuts. So if your main hair man/woman is running behind, do your best to exercise patience. It’s likely not their fault anyway, as earlier appointments may have arrived late or have unexpectedly required some extra time in the chair. It’s always best to allow yourself at least a minimum 30-minute buffer before your next engagement – just in case.


Which brings us to another important etiquette rule: Always try your best to be on time. If you’re running late, give your barber a call/text/email/carrier pigeon, something to let them know you’ll arrive a few minutes late. This will allow them to make adjustments for other clients or to simply rebook you. It’s one of the best ways to maintain a great relationship with your barber.


It never hurts to practice good hygiene. Going to your barbershop straight from the gym is never a good idea, especially in this COVID age. So this means fresh breath, showered and consider washing your hair. Hair is best cut when it is.in it’s natural state – sans product. Even hat hair can negatively effect a cut because it changes the texturenof your hair and creates cowlicks. Coming in smelling good will really add to the feeling once you leave your barbershop.


Before you sit in the barber’s chair, you should have a sense of the haircut you want. If you have a hard time explaining what style you’re looking for, dont be embarrassed to bring in a photo of a style you’d like to try. It’s an awesome way of giving your barber a sense of what you want. Honestly, it’s way better than sitting in a chair clueless, because if you dont know what you want, how would your barber?


Enjoy a good conversation with your barber. No need to get too personal or over do it, but building rapport with your regular barber will help them to get to know you, your preferences and allow them to chance to provide better customer service. By building a relationship with your barber, you’re going to guarentee he/she takes their time with your haircut. I realize a lot of men are in a rush and want to be in and out as quickly as possible, but this isn’t always a good idea. If you sit in the chair and tell your barber to hurry it up, you’re not going to get a good quality cut. You’ll also get the opportunity to ask questions about how to style a look at home or how to maintain your new do between cuts.Your barber should be more than happy to go over the steps with you. After all, once you leave you are essentially a walking advertisement for them, so it’s in their interest for you to look your best.


Finding a barber to give you consistently good service can be tough. When you do find one, it’s your business to keep them. So take care of your relationship with them, respect their time, be mindful of your personal hygiene and dont be afraid to talk to your barber.

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